Thursday, 30 June 2011


I spend my life packing and unpacking suitcases.... But doing this in and out of a globetotter makes it fun and easy peasy. There is no denying they are expensive - BUT they last a life time. (My Husband still uses his fathers one from the 60's). Bespoke - Initialed - Plain - Wheely (the list goes on...) Globetrotter does and has it all.

Newly Initialed

Tom's & Mine on Honeymoon... 

Collection by Erdem

Cruise Collection
Safari Collection (as above)


Vanity Case in Yellow (The Dream?)

54 - 55 Burlington Arcade 
London W1J OLB

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  1. Oh we have the navy ones, your cream one is so utterly beautiful. I must send mine off to be initialled but I don't have a middle name and I think just two initials looks a but odd.