Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Who would I like to look like this Summer? Grace Kelly pictured here by Howell Conant please. (Who am I kidding...) 
Photographed in Jamaica in 1955, I have fallen in love with these simple, beautiful photographs of the late Princess. Conant devoted much of his photographic career to the Actress capturing her wedding to Ranier, her life in Monaco, holidays here in Jamaica as well as documenting her Hollywood career. 


Fun on the Beach... My Favourite.

The many faces of Grace 

Describing his time with Grace in Jamaica: "We were just getting to know each other on this trip, and I hadn't yet learned how far I could go with her. Grace had definite ideas about how she wanted to look. Though she rejected the traditional studio image, she disliked the sloppiness of candid photography, too. In time, we found a middle ground". 

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  1. Oh me too, but I always look a sweaty red mess on holiday, I don't glide through life as she did.