Friday, 10 June 2011


My little sister persuaded me to take her to Primark yesterday... It is literally a mad house in there.  But quite a cool one at that. I have never given Primark too much time as have always been deterred by the enormous crowds and clothes on the wrong sized hangers. I will admit though, with time and patience on your side (and a little sister who knows her way around), it is a treasure trove. Beautiful straw bags (for £2!), floral headpieces (£3), pretty socks, bikinis and swimsuits galore, I came out laden with goods that were literally thrown away.
I couldn't resist sharing these pyjamas I found... Not only are they charming, but also so beautifully packaged - a perfect gift. 

My Favourite - Flamingoes!
Blue & White Floral
 Primark Pyjamas - £7 each. 

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  1. YES!!! They are so wonderful! What a great find... thanks for braving the crowd for us. P.S. like Topshop, I think the best time to go is Monday morning ;)