Wednesday, 24 August 2011



I am in the process of decorating our house in North Yorkshire at the moment... very very slowly indeed. I don't know why, but I am finding it much more difficult than I thought I would. Maybe because I don't have much experience in the world of decorating, I am terrified of actually saying yes and going ahead with that sofa or those curtains. Choosing the right fabrics baffles me let alone wallpapers, trimmings etc etc. I am not saying I don't love doing it, but I do feel slightly out of my comfort zone. 
Anyway, I thought I would start sharing anything I found with you but as I said, I am no expert so you might want to read on! 
My mother sent me this website yesterday for inspiration for fabrics to use on some chairs and furniture I would like to cover. Most of it is much too expensive but worth a look for ideas all the same... 


Brocatello Ciniglia in Grey and Gold

Lucini Velvet

Constantinople in Neutrals & Pink


All these fabrics are a little loud so just imagine them on one chair or table... Not over a whole room. What is great about the website is you can create your own 'schemes' label them, add to them, edit them etc.

Topkapi in Neutrals & Blues

Coqhuille Upholstery 

Ottoline Weave Upholstery


Rapino Stripe in Pink & Green

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  1. Alice, your mother in law obviously has got good taste an eye for quality! I shall be in North Yorkshire in mid September and would be happy to help with your design conundrum if it would help. Emma Vans Agnew,