Monday, 22 August 2011


Tom and I were driving back up North late last night and couldn't quite facing stopping to buy food let alone cook it. As if my magic, amidst the rows as to who was going to have to cook, there was a sign for one of the new Little Chefs which has opened near York. Apart from not allowing Edie in (!!) I was more than impressed. The restaurant was clean, kitsch and actually quite cool, the service pretty quick and the food really was good (mine better than Toms). Scampi and Prawn Cocktail followed by Macaroni and Bangers 'n Mash (not together) satisfied our hungover Sunday appetite. I'll be stopping in at any Little Chef next time...

Romatic - Our Table

Simple Easy Menu

My Scampi (Sorry not the most appetizing photo)

1950's Diner Style Decor

All cooked in front of you

 My Macaroni - DELICIOUS

New Little Chef can be found all round the country...


  1. You must have been really hungry!

  2. So funny but I agree it looks wonderful in your pics, very retro and kitschy!