Friday, 26 August 2011


Maison du Monde is the French equivalent of a middle way between our OKA and Ikea. (I'm sorry I can't be any more specific than that). Every time I am in France I make sure I pay a visit to see their things in the 'flesh' before ordering them online. They sell loads of cheap nick nacks as well as some lovely re-pro furniture (You have to sift through quite a bit to find it!)

I love this Beaumanoir Range... 
Beaumanoir Wardrobe - £1200
Height 190 cm, Width 150 cm, Depth 50 cm

Beaumanoir Linen Table - £420
Height 80 cm, Width 160 cm, Depth 45 cm

Beaumanoir Nightsand - £105 each
Height 58 cm, Width 40 cm, Depth 35 cm

Beaumanoir Headbord - £320 (Comes in two sizes)
Height 120 cm, Width 153 cm, Depth 5 cm

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