Monday, 15 August 2011


I love pretty much everything from India Jane but I couldn't resist sharing these Ceramic Figurines she does with you. They are a perfect present, affordable and look so cool in any room in the house. Poor Tom, we have pretty much got a whole farmyard of them up in Yorkshire now... 

Pair of Ceramic Birds - £35

Ceramic Bulldog - £25

Ceramic Spaniel - £15

Ceramic Golden Retriever - £22

Pair of Ceramic Retrievers - £25

Pair of lying Dalmatians - £29.50


  1. I'm a big fan too, the only drawback is that they have a minimum order - I must double check that actually hopefully they changed that antiquated policy.

    1. Why you don't call one of the stores? Im sure that they are more than happy to post it to you.

      121 Kings Rd. 02073519940

      An other happy India Jane costumer :)