Monday, 30 May 2011


NAME: Emerald Fennell


GIRL/BOY CRUSH: Barbara Cartland & Don Draper

Barbara Cartland!

ACTRESSES YOU ADMIRE?: Miranda Richardson, Helena Bonham-Carter and Cate Blanchett.


WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN IN RECENTLY? ''Any Human Heart' (with Jim Broadbent) and 'Mr. Nice' starring Rhys Ifans and Chloe Sevigny'.

On the set of 'Any Human Heart' 
AND WHAT UPCOMING ROLES ARE WE EXPECTING TO SEE YOU IN? 'I’m playing a Victorian swinger in the film ‘Albert Nobbs’ and a marvellous bitch in Channel 4’s new comedy ‘Chickens’'.

TELL ME ABOUT THE SCRIPT YOU HAVE WRITTEN? '‘Chukka’ is a rom-com about two rival schools competing in the National Polo Championships. Jilly Cooper meets Mean Girls with a whole heap of romance and under-age drinking thrown in for good measure'.

Poster for 'Albert Nobbs'
Miss Fennell.
WHEN YOU ARE NOT ACTING WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO TO FILL YOUR DAYS? "Writing. And getting hopelessly distracted by the internet- so many amusing cats.".

FAVOURITE MOVIE? "‘The Jerk’ with Steve Martin".

Steve Martin in Emeralds Favourite 'The Jerk' 
FAVOURITE RECIPES? 'Jamie Oliver’s Fish Pie has got me out of many a kitchen disaster'.

FAVOURITE BOOK OF ALL TIME (IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE JUST ONE)? ''Diary of a Nobody' by George and Weedon Grossmith'.

ITEM YOU MOST COVET IN THE WORLD? 'My pair of Christian Louboutin Marie Antoinette Heels without doubt'.

Luisa Casati 

FASHION INFLUENCES? 'Luisa Casati. A woman who wanders around London with her own diamond-encrusted pet cheetahs is fairly impossible to beat. Sadly, my own look is more ‘raddled Victorian prostitute’'.

'Chickens' will be showing on Channel 4 in the Autumn... 
'Albert Nobbs' opens in the cinemas early next year... 

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