Saturday, 14 May 2011


I am finding decorating our house near impossible. It takes me hours to choose the right shade of Blue (or whatever it may be) to do the trim for the curtains, the bed valances or the sofa etc etc. I fear I may never be good at it... Really. 
I have stumbled upon Baileys in search for inspiration though which I would highly recommend and has helped me a great deal. There is not that much on their website so if you are ever Hereford bound (near Ludlow) GO to their shop - it is breathtaking. Even so, you can order some things online which I have done for our Kitchen and love every single piece. 

Cow Creamer £19.50
Chopping Boards £42
Bread Bin £44
Slate Board £5.50

Garden Tools from £16
Dustbin £18

Bailey Home & Garden 
Whitecross Farm, Bridstow, HR9 6JU

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  1. Beautiful designs. I will implement these designs in my interiors. This is really heart touching.