Monday, 9 May 2011


I have gone baking mad (again) in preparation for the Malton Food Festival I am taking a stall at next weekend. I did it last year and made 500 cupcakes for it. This year the festival runs over 2 Days so will be making 800... I seriously do not know what I have got myself into. 
Anyway, the reason I am boring you with this is I was surprised last year how many people asked me for gluten,wheat even sugar free cupcakes. I don't think I have the energy or talent to go down this route this time, but I have researched a little into the subject. 'Upcakes' is a little business specialising in 'sweet treats that are free from wheat, sugar, dairy and eggs...'. I ordered some last week and was completely shocked. They tasted DELICIOUS. 
So for those of you with any of these intolerances seriously try them out.
£4.95 per tub

I PROMISE they are delicious!
Order online at

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  1. The easiest way to make gluten/wheat free ANYTHING is to use doves farm organic flour. It comes in all sorts of variations and you just use it like normal flour. For dairy free, flora buttery (as horrid as it sounds) is quite yummy and does the job. Im always amazed at how few places do wheat and dairy free. Good luck with the 800. XXX