Friday, 15 April 2011


I was walking past HN yesterday & couldn't help popping into the food hall... OK their things aren't given away but I was surprised that some products and especially the fresh produce were not extortionate... The real plus is the selection they have there; any kind of tea, jam etc you can imagine, chocolates literally to die for (a very good Easter Egg section but I am saving that for next week), and a vast selection of fresh produce that looked and tasted (from the little I bought) delicious.


Great American Range
Fresh Coffee & Chocolates
Tea Range including 'Teapigs' Range
'Gails' Fresh Breads Pastries etc.
Biggest 'I Love Candy' Range I've seen. I know it shouldn't be the way but they are irresistible..

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  1. Lucky my new food range is going to be sold in there from the 1st June! Come back then and see me!

    Tash Corrett x