Friday, 15 April 2011


The whole nation seems to have gone WEDDING MAD. Having just organised one, I was less in the mood to join in... But now, having seen that every shop window/radio station/news channel/website/supermarket/petrol station etc etc etc are obsessed with their upcoming nuptials, I am going to be too. 
So... I apologise in advance for posting irrelevant Will & Kate memorabilia/madness...  But I am going to do it all the same. 
Some recent finds: 
(I think I am going to have to store the best ones up for the actual week of the Royal Wedding) 
Have you ever seen anything cooler/more odd in your life?
Who would want Will & Kate's faces on their own nails? Well... me on April 29th.

Your very own Princess Catherine Barbie:
Not sure why you would need this but then again why does one need any Barbies at all... She comes with a change of clothes too... And gloves.

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  1. These nails are hilarious! xxxx