Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I am sure you have heard of this online phenomenon already but if you haven't GET STARTED... Paperless Post lets you design your own note paper, cards and even the envelopes they come in. You can design them in any way you wish and even choose the colour of tissue lining used for the envelope.
They are then 'virtually' sent by email whilst letting you manage who has opened them, RSVP'd etc etc.
They are a really great way to send out a 'Save the Date' rather than posting something before you send out your actual invite.

Here are a few examples of their 'ready made' cards etc... But obviously the whole point is that you can design your own!


  1. I love paperless post - used it for my mumma's birthday party and it looked beautiful. Confused the oldies though.

  2. Thanks for the awesome blog post.