Friday, 22 April 2011


Only in America! I'm not going to lie... I am definitely tempted to give this a go.
I can't see how it could taste anything but disgusting though.
Peepshi, or Peeps sushi, consists of a decapitated Peep, Rice Krispies treats and Fruit by the Foot. To make a roll, shape a chunk of Rice Krispies treat into a hollow cylinder. Tuck a Peeps head into the treat, stretch the Fruit by the Foot around the treat like seaweed and enjoy a sickeningly sweet Peeps Sushi roll.
Other variations include strapping a whole Peeps to a Rice Krispies treat using a sliver of fruit roll. Once you’ve made all the Peeps sushi you can handle, use the Peeps bodies’ to make S’meeps—Peeps s’mores.

I mean!!!!!!

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